refaColumbiaNational Real Estate Finance is a member of REFA (Real Estate Finance Associates), a national organization of independent mortgage banking firms. Created in 1979, REFA evolved from the pioneering James W. Rouse & Company, the commercial mortgage banking affiliate of the prominent regional mall developer. Through membership in REFA, firms share on a real time basis, capital market investors, and real estate market information throughout most of North America. REFA member firms frequently assist one another in transactions and markets across the country. There are currently nine REFA companies, nationally with 23 offices and representation in key cities across the United States. The combined offices originated $4.1 Billion in debt/equity transactions in 2013 and service loan portfolios totaling more than $13.5 Billion.

Members include:

  • BlueMark Capital
  • Carey, Kramer, Pettit, Panichelli & Associates
  • Churchill Commercial Capital
  • ColumbiaNational Real Estate Finance, LLC
  • Goedecke & Co., LLC
  • Largo Group of Companies
  • Medalist Capital, Inc.
  • Trinity Real Estate Finance